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Wagner performed well, Huocun will pay 200,000 additional charges for Dum

Last summer Wagner from Darmstadt to (visit LOLGA.INC 2.8 million euros to join Hoffenheim, this season Wagner in Hoffenheim continued excellent performance, he has scored 11 goals to help Hoffenheim to ensure that next season European war qualification, according to "Bild" news, Hoffenheim will therefore pay Darmstadt 200,000 euros in additional costs.

Hoffenheim has qualified for the war in Europe, so they will pay Darmstadt 200,000 euros in additional costs. When talking about his old club Dum, Wagner said: "People can not find the words that can express feelings of love to Dum. I am very happy before playing in Darmstadt, which not only helped me on the competitive, I have learned a lot, thanks to the club from my heart.

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