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Although the Steam game platform to Europe and the United States, while the European and American players have been concerned about the type of game and gun cart ball three categories, and Rocket League is an excellent racing and football games with the combination of sports, from the formal operation to date, Steam hot-selling platform has been high in the top several, the heat.

When Tencent officially announced the agent operation Rocket League, Rocket League Rocket League Items on the steam platform officially locked the country zone. The current player is not able to buy the game, but the player is still able to buy the DLC products for the game.

Although the Rocket League game server has been used in the area of the lock zone policy, but the Chinese players can still buy, after buying a direct VPN can play in the international uniform. For those who are accustomed to playing online games on Steam, VPN is a common tool, which has not become the threshold for restricting games. and Rocket League in the country area after the lock, the new players even if there is a VPN can not experience international service, want to play can only login Tencent agent of the Chinese server. Then, the game in the country's evaluation has been maxed out ... The house is red. China has already bought the player's praise to the poor rating.

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