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The Rocket league's Mutual Promotion project

A considerable number of people in the Rocket league like to score goals, big himself God block kill God, Buddha block kill Buddha; Invincible, unbeatable, we have worked with Psyonix to carry out a European truck simulation 2 and the Rocket league's Mutual Promotion project Rocket League Items. The interconnectedness between us looks perfect, and in the upcoming version of the Rocket league, and in the free DLC of the European truck Simulation 2, they will be able to see the interactive content of the game.

Starting later this month, ETS2 's cab accessories will add two new items: a rocket-League-iconic ball hanging from the windshield of a truck, and a octane car placed in a truck's console. The physics of the cab toy is also added to the CAB accessory DLC, thanks to this version update, which can be enabled on the basic game. Rocket league players will have the opportunity to get ETS2 vehicle antennas. Triumphantly assemble the antenna and give us a screenshot of the moment when using the antenna in this or on Twitter. If these screenshots are from the basket-net model of the upcoming version update of the Rocket league, they can also get bonus points.

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