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The rocket league game's creativity and quality

Rocket League is a car-themed sports game, but you have to do in the race is not racing, but to find ways to hit the ball on the other side of the goal. The launch in 2015 after the very popular in Europe and America, the current sales have exceeded 10 million copies. At the same time, the game's creativity and quality has also been widely recognized, won the TGA 2015 annual independent game and the best sports games of the year dozens of game awards. The development of sports games by Psyonix "Rocket League" is about to enter China, and operated by Tencent agent. The news is expected to be held on April 20 at the Tencent UP conference officially announced.

Because of the domestic network is very unstable in the network, coupled with the game is the use of Google server, which makes a lot of Chinese players are free to enjoy this for Buy Rocket League Items. The game by Tencent agent into China, whether it is the quality of the server or localized with a guarantee, this will undoubtedly be a highlight of its WeGame platform. As for the game's charging methods and measuring time and so on. Let us wait for this week's UP conference announced. The platform has been shelved all the hand tour and page tour, only to retain the Tencent own game and stand-alone game. Previously, TGP has introduced a lot of good games such as "Star Luyu Story" and "famine" and so on, have received a good sales. The official renamed WeGame at the same time, will also be announced, including "Rocket League", including more overseas introduction of the game.

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