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The NFL is very tactical and coordination

The NFL is very tactical and coordination, is a very sophisticated exercise, and the armor to tell you that this sport is playing technology, not a desperate. and rugby on the contrary, rugby's bloodline tells you, the real man is the courage to face all the blade blood rain, on the field is a life-time rather than play technology, your mind is absolutely not allowed to beat around the bush, want to shortcuts, your goal is a, find ways never armor of the meat pile hit a gap, and then reach the array Madden Mobile Coins. So, most of the NFL is black players, because the need to flash around, with the pace of ping-pong boxing, rugby to white people, because there is a piece of the hard truth.

British rugby originated in a town called rugby in England, with the saying that a child could not play in the football field and ran to the opposing goal. It has not occurred to me that the spirit of this Rogue and the British (Lenovo English football play, compared to La Liga) has produced a spark, from this body to the movement of the campaign to become fire, and gradually in the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth of Nations developed and expanded. BTW, the original rugby is a pig's bladder blow big, heavy mouth. There are two main types of rugby, the appearance is similar, but the rules play a lot worse, one is rugby League, the other is rugby Union. In terms of promotion and the number of fans as well as the atmosphere Rugby union is more superior and more savage, do not give the ball players three layers outside three laminated under the ground.

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