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Rocket league game effects are very good, the details of the car, including the collision of the outer frame of the jitter has a very detailed performance. Lighting, vision to the players created a seem to be a real event experience, colored neon lights from all directions to lay down, shop in the game, making the whole environment is very texture. It can be said that the effect of light and shadow and the collision of the game to the game has a considerable increase in color, and the score after the football explosion effects also make the initial contact with the players impressed. The game is divided into online and offline mode, the line mode players can choose a single game of the show, or in the garage DIY a car to start a season mode Cheap Rocket League Items.

The main effects of the game model are as follows: the most basic model elements, apply to the special effects map animation; polygon - special effects model elements for special effects UV animation; irregular polygon - special effects model elements, Suitable for cyclic and variable UV animation. In Gamebryo production model is the foundation of the whole effect. It can be done independently in 3ds Max. The whole skill is based on the model, a complex irregular model, a single patch, the rules of the combination of models.

Excellent effects can not rely on particles to achieve the same structure and picture of the vivid. At the same time the model and texture control is a 3D game products need to limit the special effects elements, after all, the game is the product of life efficiency. The model structure of the beam effect is divided into: the elements of the special effects are separately produced separately; the beam stage effects of the initial stage; the special effects of the regular model. Light beam effects of the material: the model given Gamebryo material; use a custom superposition method as shown in the channel to give special effects map.

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