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What happens when the engine's roaring cars collide with the burning football game A lot of players don't even think about the two things that are completely unconnected. The same is true for me, so I was intrigued by the idea of playing a game like football. With the pleasure of DIY cars and unlimited football collisions, let's take a look at how this game can actually give players a different experience. But the game is a bit of a bug in terms of sound, or it's about the environment and the sound effects on the pitch and ignoring the sound effects of the car itself.
 Game, the cheers of the audience, and even some of the scenes of birdsong are shown, and the voice of the sound of the car to remove accelerated exhaust jet outside don't really have much to say, the voice of the tire friction with the ground, on the grass of grip and drive on the railing of sound, and even the vehicle collision and football after scoring explosion sound effects are light do not smell, affect the game experience. "In the rockets in the game, the producers for players to set up a similar to the closed space, the length of a football field in the space, the oversized football with the car door will be the only rules of the game, abandoned the other tedious football foul set, there is no doubt that this belongs to the racing game inside the games will be the height of the atmosphere has been promoted in a hot. 
The game is very good, and the details of the car, including the shaking of the outer frame of the collision, are very detailed. Rocket League Crates Lighting, vision to the players created a seems to be a real experience, colorful neon lights down from all directions, shop is on the field, make the environment appear have qualitative feeling very much. Can say the collision of light and shadow and fuzzy to the game the game has a grace, and the football after scoring explosion effects is impressed first contact with this player. Game is divided into two modes, online and offline offline mode, players can choose single session of exhibition games, or is in the garage a DIY his car started round season mode. The DIY car in the garage is an interesting part of the story, giving the players a chance to completely build their own car. Big to vehicles, small to tire, painting, decoration, color of jet exhaust has many different options, you can imagine in the online competitive, every players use vehicles is a completely different personality.

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