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The company runs a simulated computer game

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The company runs a simulated computer game with the two Super Bowl teams to see who the program chooses to win, is an annual tradition every year before the Big Game - this weekend's results seem to be true, like the game La Simulation of the game ended up precisely predicting that the New England Patriots would win Super Bowl LI Buy Madden 18 Coins. Overall, the game rightly predicted the winner 10 of the 14 times he tried.

The Virtual Falconers took a 17-10 shot in half time (actually it was 21-3) and the second half saw the tide turn. Ultimately, Madden 17 has rightly predicted Tom Brady would be the MVP of the game after joining with Julian Edelman for a late touchdown to win the game 27-24. The final score of the real game ended at 34-28 for the Patriots, with Madden's prediction coming a bit to predict the score at 27-24. However, the Madden simulation predicted that the Patriots would come from behind to claim victory, which ended up happening in the game as the hawks lead most of the game before a last minute lap of the Patriots.

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