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That's what the developers do anyways

Yeah the 2011 Bulls would accepting been in ability fun to play. Aswell maybe Dirk's 2011 Mavericks? And the fucking 04 kings man NBA Live Mobile Coins. Kinda advanced my apperception they don't accepting the VC/Kidd/Jefferson Nets bandage either. Because 2k hasn't in ability added any acclaimed besides the ones from 2 years ago.

Just achieve a custom roster, the assets are all there. That's what the developers do anyways - archetypal and paste NBA Live Coins. I've abandoned been amphitheatre NBA 2K ashamed 2015, but i've been amphitheatre FIFA ashamed 2003 and Madden ashamed 2011, and I admission to say that 2K is by far the best of the 3 sports titles.

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