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Stevens talks about Matt's slump: good players can survive

In the second round of the third round (click LOLGA of the playoffs, the Celtics bench guard Marcus - Smarter was flat. The third war, he was a person on the 8 turnovers.

For the state of the Matt, the Celtics coach Brad - Stevens said: "excellent players can survive the downturn, they can always get back feeling.I think, Marcus is our team An important part of his knowledge of his importance, we are also very clear that we believe he can play brilliant performance.

"The second round of the three games, a bit like the NBA in the 90s, this game ... ... I do not know how to describe ... ... you really will encounter some problems. You have to focus on what you can do, and then go a little To find out your own problems, with a sober mind, ready to play the next game.

At the end of the first war of the series, Matt was forced to replace the state due to poor state. In the second war, Matt at the last minute of the game to contribute to the key rebounds to help the Celtics win.

Stevens said: "I will not take his game passion to change anything, that is, this competition and enthusiasm for the achievements of today, and sometimes you try to play, but also make mistakes, but there is no problem, this That 's why we love him.

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