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"Rocket alliance" new model notice: drag racing ball pierced the floor

Developer Psyonix today announced a (click Rocket League Items new "rocket alliance" notice, introduced the game is about to join the new "drop the ball mode" (Dropshot) and a new arena "707 core" (Core 707), together to understand a bit.
This announcement shows us the new model "Rampage" and the new Arena "707 core" play: players must use the ball to break the scene of the hexagonal floor to score, and want to crush the floor must use the ball Hit the plate twice - the first impact will activate the floor, and the second impact will be directly crushed. Players compete for football in fact there are three different faces, and each side of the power is also different, which hit the floor and plate contact will directly determine the collision can get the number of points.

"Emergency fall ball mode" will be officially launched on March 22, so stay tuned.

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