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Rocket League is now one of the most popular games in video games. That's what I said when the game came out in 2015. Then it dominated for 2016 years, and in 2017 rock. This is because Psynoix is working hard, not just a title, but ensuring that their titles are always at the top of the game so that people will continue to play and they have done it. But not only that, they know how to listen to their players, they have proven to return to one of their favorite activities.

You can customize your rocket car in a variety of ways. And how you get some of these customizations are through drops and crates. So this weekend will be the second "double drop rate" weekend. This means that all items and droplets will have a multiplier chance that is uncommon or rare, so you will have a chance to get some really cool things done to your car. This includes getting a "draw" version of the project Rocket League Items. The event is now live until September 5.

Rocket League has been in the news recently and for all the right reasons. They recently unveiled three special cars and are about to launch the Nintendo switch game version. Two are Mario and Luigi fans and the other is based on Oracle. In addition, the switch version will be able to play interactively with the Xbox One and the PC version of the game.

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