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Pioli or because of the rice contract difficult to purple lily

According to the Italian media news, if Peoria can not coach (visit FIFA 18 Coins Florence, then purple lily will invite Stella Maqiangi coach team.
Prior to the Italian media said that Pei Li will be to become a coach of Florence, and this season led the team in general Paul Basa will be fired by the team. But according to the Italian "slow motion" message, despite last week Peioli was dismissed by Inter Milan, but he and the Nerazzurri did not solve the problem in the full contract. In the contract of Pioli, it is stipulated that if he is laid off in advance, he will get the second year of the total wage of 1.8 million euros. Inter is now in consultation with the Peoli, hoping to reduce the amount of compensation.
If the two sides have been unable to reach an agreement, then the Florence side may also be other people into the selection list. Inter Milan has been coached Inter Milan, has become a purple lily high-level one of the candidates. November 8, 2015 Stella Mazzoni served as coach of Panathinaikos, but in December 2016, due to poor team record, Stella Magione chose to resign. Prior to this, the 41-year-old Italian marshal in the Serie A there are two unsuccessful coaching experience, in March 2012 Ranieri was fired after the Nerazzurri, before led his unit to win the young Champions League champions Tramajoni was promoted to the first team coach, then he was fired in May the following year. After leaving Inter Milan, Stella Marioni in the summer of 2014 as Udinese coach, but the black-bone chicken in that season only ranked Serie 16, he also taught a year later left the team The

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