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Nain Golan: Unfortunately, the team was not able to zero Pescara

The current round of Serie A, Rome away 4-1 victory over (click LOLGA Pescara, and after the game, Nain Golan accepted the interview.

"We have a lot of opportunities for Pescara, and they can score is our shame, but it's also a challenge," he said, "and we're going to be a game and the next derby."

"We're going to keep up with you, and you're going to (how to get you can come to lolga) be better off because you are now a single play a week, and then we have three difficult games, but I think we have the ability to be ready.I kicked the last six Derby, I have missed one field, but it is always hard to have a cup and league, but we are strong enough, and he can enter the ball, but he must respect the coach 's decision.

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