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Monaco six new star detonated European football

In the 41 rounds of the French goal, the Champions (visit LOLGA.INC League triumphantly reached the semi-finals, which is from the French Monaco team, this set off a youth storm, good offensive play team, array has many "demon" class star. They are young, energetic, is likely in the near future to become the next generation of world-class players.
Mbapi, December 20, 1998
On Friday, UEFA official announced this week the Champions League best player candidates, Monaco teenager Mbapei successfully elected this week Champions League best player. In the 1/4 final knockout Dortmund game, Mbabe two games scored three goals, and then count two rounds against Manchester City team also gains, Mbapei has done in their first four Champions League game Midfield field goal. Even Henry has expressed liking to watch him play the game, and he still has age rivalry, it is clear what he is doing. Compared with the top stars such as Messi and C Lo, Mbabe needs to go a long way, but if compared with the same age, even Messi and C Lo in Mbabei now this age is not Do this "demon" done.
Le Mare, November 12, 1995
In recent years, the French Guadeloupe has gradually been known as a gold mine in France football, Le Mare was born in 1995 in Guadeloupe on the island resort Maia. Because of this, when he went to Caen training, his title is "Guadeloupe's goal." In July 2015, Le Mare officially transferred to Monaco, and soon won the first show of the opportunity. In the coach Jardimi's tune, Lemal in the organization and shooting ability has made considerable progress, always in the field to become a key figure to reverse the game situation. In Monaco's first season, Le Mare 20 appearances, scored 7 goals 2 assists recorded, seems to have been the main attack on the red and white shirt army weapons. After a season of temper, he became the team to rely on the core players, fans in the hearts of one of the best candidates for the season.
Bernardo - Silva, August 10, 1994
If it is Le Mare is the Monaco team on the left, so B-Silva is the team's right king. Silva has a good ball and a key ability to pass, and hence the fame. Before the defensive ability was weak because of the approved, but this season in the offensive and defensive balance has been significantly improved. This is wearing a Monaco team No. 10 shirt of the Portuguese has caused, including Chelsea, Manchester United and many other Premier League giants attention.
Sidi Bei, July 29, 1992
Although still less than 25 years old, but sometimes Sidi Bei is actually the team starting lineup in the calculation of the average age "drag the legs" of a member. From Lille transfer to the Monaco team immediately after the team on the right side of the absolute main force. In the right back position, Sidi Bay is a typical assists wing players, Arsenal team had intended to sign this has played on behalf of the French national team players, but the Monaco team "cut Hu", but recently he was appendicitis The troubles.
Mendy, July 17, 1994
Mendy was signed from Montpellier last summer and was also a five-year long. In the left-back position, Mendy has an irreplaceable desire to take part in the attack. This season in the club tournament he has scored 1 ball assists 10 times. Today's football, creative left foot guard is expensive and scarce, the Monaco team is clearly unearthed a treasure. In the last month he played on behalf of the French team in the World Cup qualifying in Europe have had a helping record.
Bakayoko, August 17, 1994
In the summer of 2014, Yalidim became Monaco team coach, will Bakayoko from Rennes team to the Louis II field. Although the initial stage of the injury because of the impact did not show their own strength, but this season Bakayoko in the midfield control has been fully demonstrated, now he has become an indispensable figure in the midfielder of Monaco. As the team midfielder offensive and defensive hub, Bakayo Ke can attack, the Champions League against Manchester City team, the blue moon is its "strangulation."

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