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Madden NFL Mobile 18: Once you start a game, you will hit the final with another user. If you win, you will be closer to the final goal of the 15 win. If you lose your driving force, you can continue to work hard until you win Madden 18 Coins. When you accumulate victories, the instrument on the left side of the screen shows the bonus points you have received so far and the number of victories needed to reach the next level of reward.

At the end of the game, you can select a specified number of items from each level of rewards that you reach. For example, if you reach layer 5th, you can select an item from five levels. As you can see, every weekend has a lot of motivation. If you need more reason to participate, then we call the "Captain status" overall progress. Each time you take part in the race, you will earn points to reward your captain's identity. By getting a 5-star Captain status, you will show you are one of the best Madden NFL Mobile 18 players in the world, and when you continue to upgrade your captain status, you will receive exclusive rewards such as logos and badges to show off your accomplishments.

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