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Madden game maintain a fair competition environment

Everyone can as expected appreciation Madden Ultimate Team (MUT), the game must maintain a fair competition environment, a healthy auction houses and an equal chance of the game environment.

Coin sellers destroy experience by competing, market price and earning income.

Anyone involved in the sale or purchase of COINS can reduce the MUT experience Madden Mobile Coins for everyone. That's why:

The auction price

When a coin buyer buys a bargain from the auction house, they will get a chance to get a cheap item from the home where the coin is legally obtained. This makes the game market beneficial to coin buyers.

Progress slowly

Legitimate users can make progress in the long run with auction houses against coin buyers, who can easily purchase items to form a team or complete a ticket.

3. The game scene

Coin buyers build a better team that doesn't have to make money, and then beat the legitimate players in the game of the season. The coin buyer steals the COINS and the packaging of legitimate players.

Your message can be STOLEN

The "phishing" scheme can be used as a coin seller to steal user login information. They let the buyer participate in the transaction and steal information from the buyer to access the account and steal all information from it. This may lead to compromises for all accounts owned by the user.

It breaks the rules

The virtual currency should be available only in the game itself, and will not be affected by foreign currencies. Buying a coin may lead to theft, even if you're not stealing the user.

Purchases of COINS, sales of COINS or sales of promotional COINS are in violation of the terms of service, and may lead to operations against accounts, including MUT and/or console bans.

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