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Little assassin will not miss any match

The report from the US media, said the (click LOLGA Celtics star Isaiah - Thomas plans not to miss any game, he will leave the team after the G2 back home to attend the funeral of her sister, and then back to the team before the G3.
Small assassin's sister died in a car accident on Sunday, nevertheless, he is still in the playoffs opener scored 33 points and 6 assists and 5 rebounds, but unfortunately the green army at the door off the Bulls.
Today the Green Army carried out daily training, small assassin appeared but did not wear training clothes. In the training hall, he and coach Brad - Stevens had a communication. According to reporters at the scene revealed that the feelings of small assassins are still low.
According to the schedule, the Green Army will be home against the Bulls on Wednesday, and then Saturday warfare Bulls. Stevens said the small Thomas will leave the team after the end of G2, back home (Tacoma, Washington) to attend the funeral of her sister, and stay there for two days to accompany their families. And then in the series before the first three games to play, and the team rendezvous.
Little Assassin plans not to miss any match. "If the schedule allows the team to go to Tacoma to attend her funeral in order to support Isaiah (Thomas)," Stevens said.
It is time for small assassins most in need of care and help. "Players need a strong psychological quality, in order to experience so much after, still playing Isaiah on a game performance," Green Army defender Avery - Bradley said.
Stevens said: "Now we are watching the game video and exercise tactics, with the preparation of G2, he has done very well now the situation is very difficult for him, some families have returned to Tacoma, some stay to accompany He is very sad, and from a certain point of view, we are also his family, we are concerned with each other, is a real team.
As the regular season east of the first, the current green army total score 0-1 behind the Bulls.

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