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Juventus Interviews Interview with Samp

Serie A team Sampdoria young striker Patrick - Sick (click LOLGA this season has become a transfer of the popular, there are a lot of teams on the Hick expressed great interest, including Inter Milan, Juventus As well as Naples. According to the Italian media, "Gazzetta dello Sport," the latest news, Juventus has become a few of these clubs "leader".
According to reports, Juventus CEO Marotta recently invited Sampdoria Chairman Ferrero came to Turin, and together to discuss the relevant matters on the transfer of Xi Ke. Last summer, Sampdoria spent only 4 million euros from Prague Bada introduced Hick, the fact that this is a very visionary investment.
21-year-old Sick is currently on behalf of Sampdoria played 32 times, scored 13 goals. Although it is said that the contract now has a 25 million euros buyout clause, but if you want to let Sampdoria in the summer of this year's transfer market is willing to sell Hick, then Juventus and other teams are likely To spend 40 million euros transfer fee. According to the "Gazzetta dello Sport," the report, Juventus in the transfer on the issue of Hick, has taken a certain opportunity.
In addition, the "Gazzetta dello Sport" also reported a message, that is, Milan teenager Matthias - Desilio this summer is likely to leave the team, and Delixiliao scandal with the team is Juventus Tucci and Naples.
According to reports, Desilio has been very clear to inform the club, he will not renew the team. And De Silio at this stage and Milan's contract will expire in 2018, also said that Milan is currently in the Deli Leo transfer matter has been in a passive. It is worth mentioning that in Milan 1-2 loss to Empoli's game, Desilio also suffered Milan fans insult and abuse. At the same time, Desilio's position in Milan has become increasingly unstable, if such a situation can not be resolved, then Juventus and Naples has been ready to dig people ready.

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