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Here is everything you need to know about FIFA 18

Here is everything you need to know about FIFA 18 – from what console to get it on to who’s going to be the best player.FIFA 18’s lead consoles will be the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro. It’ll also come on on Xbox One, Ps4, PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Nintendo Switch. Small print on FIFA 18’s reveal trailer has revealed some key differences between the game and the Nintendo Switch version LOLGA.INC.

The video includes a line of text: "Frostbite game engine technology and the journey: the hunter returns" mode only for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC version. Not all functions are available on all platforms. "In other words, it would be a completely different game. In fact, one player captured some of FIFA's 18 shots at E3 and posted it to FIFA's Reddit. "I can assure you that Frostbite continues to be a real difference," said Jonas Skantz, director of the Frostbite work room. With the increasing number of Frostbite games, whether FIFA, battlefield, quality or otherwise - our development teams can spend more time building new breakthrough game innovations. "

FIFA 17 was the first game of the series launched by Frostbite, replacing the previous year's Ignite. Despite this year's big growth, especially for face and animation, FIFA 18 will see a more subtle improvement as it will run on the same Frostbite 4 engine. Expect the player's actions and animations to appear sharper - not to mention more details and similarities. Other peripheral graphic adjustments, such as improving crowd details, will also appear. The owners and PC players of the PS4 Pro will get the best version of the game again. The former will once again take advantage of the "Pro mode" - allow for more detail and more stable frame rates above 1080p resolution. The Pro model has provided substantial improvements in FIFA 17, but this year EA will have more time to push this further and make more use of the huge GPU purring of the Pro.

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