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The fifth game of the Pittsburgh penguin  (go to Buy NHL 17 Coins)  and the capital of Washington, DC, was held at the center of Verizon, where Crosby came back.

Crosby missed the Thursday game after a concussion in the third war on Tuesday. While the penguin team lost the third war to win the fourth war, with a big 3-1 lead.

As a penguin team captain, Cross did not participate in free morning slippery training, did not publish the exact speech, but he was in accordance with the normal procedures to prepare the game. It is reported that Crosby was in the first section of the third war by the capital defender Matt - Niskanen hit the head after the concussion, after Crosby still three consecutive days to participate in the taxi training, and yesterday to participate All the training content.

"For so many years I have witnessed the recovery path of many players, you know that they are unique, but some players are faster than the average person." For the return of Croisby, NHL concussion assessment, "the penguin coach Sullivan said: And the management agreement says: "The players who have met the concussion are not explicitly forced to leave the game, and the return is based on the player 's personal situation.

It is reported that the same in the third battle suffered concussion striker Connor - Chery today also ushered in the comeback. This season the playoffs Crosby played nine games to get 11 points (four goals seven assists), Xie Rui played eight games sent two assists. But in today's game, Crosby played 19 minutes and 10 seconds to send an assists, Xie Rui did not score, penguins also 2-4 to lose, big score was pulled to 2-3.

The sixth war will start in Beijing on May 9.

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