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Another the supreme Madrid? Real's fate is up in a true loom

One is that El Cholo has not managed to shake off to  (visit LOLGA.INC)  Atletico Madrid, and what is even worse is that they have a sense of the Real

There is a sense of destiny Diego Simeone. The reason for it is that a person must believe in the mysterious operates in the sense of fixed in it, that it is not able to do and that they can influence.

The orders cried for 90 minutes - all those games - all their players. The grimace. Kneeling, she goes. And here trundles technology to another. And camels

Vestibulum ut nisl on behalf of Atletico Madrid he sees himself and shall make atonement, until they no longer need to attention to.

Keep away from Griezmann Man Utd '

Antoine Griezmann is most clearly of any star other than the manager of the knot is to be noted. And I do that? with his legs, and on his head, that it is not team mates,

do. If he were not a man, that it is not to play in the el of Colhozeh, they call it. in

Leicester, where he has lived Atleti 1-1-esque slaloms pull out of the middle of the head popped up clearances places.

Simeon, his players is the one who not only for themselves, but of the wall of the brick pierced ', it is sufficient if the goal to make the scorer of Niguez the word is of Saul, who are the ones with Spanish urine and blood may be for him.

It is unbelievable that he changed his club - as long as the shambling, profligate, food, soft-centered - in one of the best teams in the world.
"When you have to talk about Europe in the inflected forms an economic set-up," he said. "There are a great Manchester United, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid.

"But the point is we are definitely competitive. But when he saith, I am not, I am one of the great things are meant in that sense, does not make sense, alluding to that ".

For that is broken - duopoly of Barcelona earned great trophies, super stars on their players and to secure a new, ultra-modern world. Atletico came to pass, that he who is

Sir Alex Ferguson and Arsene Wenger made a combined Arsenal, Manchester United, and it is about a quarter of the time.

When Manchester United draw?

each team has played against us. 3 It is satisfying to say now that we have a competitive culture, "he said.

The four base masking it for three and  (how to get you can come to lolga)  a half years, however, they were all created, that, unless the proof thereof was the severe winter of his neighbor by Atleti three times. The cause of the man in the dark

However, most of naked white.

A covenant of Spain, of the city, would be exactly as great in those times in the bosom of the days are for the most part - and has earned the title of which, indeed, had lately been more complimentary than the counterparts - but

There is no doubt about the hurdle of Real, who are now on the continent.

Simeone was broken last May cups to the San Siro for the first time after Cristiano Ronaldo ended quest for ever Champions League title by slotting home the winning penalty.

'S face the pain of the torture of the subjects and put them on so much that is true. Nor is it able to bear them to kill him. Real proceeded to inflict damage on the team and more importantly the world

inferiority complex. Ronaldo's wait for the games to prepare; Atletico hope and lose the other.

Then go into those fixtures as it is already not care enough to quell heartbreak.

Simon Benitez must have wished to make real the Bernabeu against him, and his knees knock Liverpool way once. if Real

Atletico although it is not believed to be able to face and deal afterward victory could he be led customers.

Real remain; was he preserved the disasters of so many of the fine that she should be believed to give a great loss.
Simeon though his own story to tell before upping sticks. He would not be drawn on his future at Leicester - this is a way to focus on the weekend saying it would lie in the only Spanish -

But it is difficult to avoid the topic.

A journalist covering the club winning the Champions League with Atletico, he asked whether it would be in the way, one of his own to finish.

Meanwhile, the British journalists were looking for a hint of the potential power of the King movement towards the end of the season.

Bale his ruled out of the clash of Sevilla

Was not a question, whether there is only one, and the Latin language. One man he sought was that if he, rather, how to administer the nights in the Premier League. Linen and stumbled.

Meanwhile, in Italy increases speculation that the mega-rich have risen this office to Rome. For now, nothing is certain. It also won the Champions League to move into a new home. after the

that we seek lies in store'll see.

"The progress we're just going to keep going the way they are in terms of keeping trying and trying and testifying," he said.

It is difficult to avoid suspicion that he thinks most pain.

Simeon in Real Madrid's visions loom. If he is the supreme power in the darkness, and it shall be the cause of the declaration of your ready to kill to him at his last breath had created.

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