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A story that draws inspiration from failure

"Gridiron Gang", by Columbia Film company Toupai, is based on a true story of a teenage probation center where a group of teenagers joins their legal advisers to organize a football team for them and regain self-confidence and self-esteem.

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This is a story that draws inspiration from failure, focuses on a group of special people on the fringes of society, and helps them regain their self-confidence and dignity as a person. According to reliable statistics, around the world, young people who have entered the critical re-education of juvenile correctional institutions in their 75% will return to prison after adulthood, or die from street violence when they are minors ...

This is a shocking percentage, the probation officer Dean Potter and colleagues Malcolm Moore have been trying to get these stray children back to ordinary life, but the results are very little. Madden 18 Coins The Juvie inmates in Sean's work are all around Los Angeles or Los Angeles, who have been locked under the same roof for committing such a crime.

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