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The True SQUATTERS - The State of Hawaii, City and Counties, and the Homeless Hawaiians/kanaka maoli, et. als.



eless in Hawaii Documentary 2017

Published on Jul 10, 2017

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Amelia Gora
Background...Alodio lands are owned by kanaka maoli, many are homeless who don't know that they own lands....they are the true landowners.... this is a post prepared for many to read/ review/share/pass on to many: Addressing Premeditation made by the U.S. supporting their operatives, many on assignments by the U.S. Government --- example: see The U.S. utilized False Flag Operations then did False Flag operations on 53+ nations... Judicial Tribunal documented pirates, pillagers, racketeers based on the 1849/1850 Treaty of the Kingdom of Hawaii and the United States applied Article XIV documenting criminals - it is a permanent, treaty of amity and friendship with Kamehameha III's heirs and successors and the U.S. President..... important to note that that Kamehameha III's heirs and successors are his relations by blood...the entity State of Hawaii which evolved from the Territory of Hawaii had claimed through their attorney general to be the "successor of the Kingdom of Hawaii"... Reference: PA PELEKANE case (1912) HAWAIIAN REPORTS, Honolulu, Hawaii - Supreme Court Law Library/Archives/Main posts by amelia gora for 666 weekly news on the web called the IOLANI - The Royal Hawk us p.s. the Royal Families exists, infiltration into our genealogies have also been a Premeditation moves against our Constitutional Monarchy government.....and the Properties are Private properties under the Alodio lands for kanaka maoli and to aliens/foreigners, only fee simple or 30 years leases are on record under the laws of the Kingdom of Hawaii......and, we are a neutral, non violent nation recognized since 1843 as one of the "most favored nation" status. We are 1,650+ years old compared to a 200+ squatter based, castouts of the English Society based nation which is also still a "colony of the Crown" as documented in the News when Prince Charles and his new wife came to Hawaii.....everyone should know about the ongoing issues....we too are part of the Royal Families - bloodlines of Kamehameha, as well as Englishmen John Young/Olohana and Isaac Davis....we are truly living among pirates, evil people who have not been operating under the Rule of Laws since U.S. President McKinley who made a Proclamation over Hawaii after U.S. President Cleveland Gave Hawaii Back to our Queen.... there's more....Empowerment to all through education and knowledge.... Watch who you America, it is the people who made their government and now it is their turn to make corrections......bankrupt U.S. documented in 1893...their representative asked to borrow from us and would not pay back for thousands of years...only minute amounts in the form of interest would be paid......wicked, truly wicked...and these are Private Properties.... aloha.
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NZ Beast
this issue is bigger then most people think, homelessness isn't just on the rise in hawaii its a epidemic worldwide. Its not just about who's right and who's wrong its about education, understanding and most of all love for our fellow man.

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Official Notice that your State of Hawaii, City and Counties in the Hawaiian Islands ARE THE REAL SQUATTERS!!!


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