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Mr. Stephen J. Downes
Ms. Lucy Young Oda
Honolulu Star Advertiser
500 Ala Moana Blvd., Suite 7-210
Honolulu, Hawai  96813
Good Afternoon Mr. Downes and Ms. Lucy Oda,
The following is a follow up of the article posted on March 11, 2017 - Referring to "The Time For Small Thinking is Over":
Restore the Kingdom of Hawaii back for the forgotten people in Hawaii:
*U.S. President Cleveland Gave Hawaii Back to Queen Liliuokalani in 1897.
*The following table shows the Hawaiian and Part Hawaiian people:
1893         1896        1900         1910       1920        1930          1940      1950      1960          1970 (new definition of Hawaiians made)
40,000      39,500     29,656      38,547   41,750     50,860       64,310    86,090   102,403     71,274
*Annexation was illegal, the 50th State was illegal.
Reference:  Professor Williamson Chang (Ret.) UH-Manoa Law School research and Opposition to Statehood made by a Kamehameha descendant named Harold Abel Cathcart.
*Return all Federal occupied lands because the Kamehameha Schools Trustees are Not the Allodial land owners.  Bernice Pauahi Bishop had siblings and was Not the "last of the Kamehameha's"    Also, Allodial lands cannot be owned by Aliens or foreigners.
*Return all income tax paid by residents.
1900                 1940
1 million paid    $39 million paid  ---- Hawaii was one of the top three (3) who paid the most taxes of all other states.
*  The Federal government contaminated Pearl Harbor, Halawa Valley, Oahu - fuel storage affecting the water source for Honolulu, etc.; Makua Valley, Oahu, Schofield, Oahu,
Pohakuloa, Big Island due to carcinogens, mercury, depleted uranium; widespread poisons on all islands due to the HAARP projects to decimate the populations, contamination of all drinking water, explosion of nuclear bombs on Kahoolawe, hidden missiles, etc. in underground cities. 
Reference:  Researches by Leuren Moret, Depleted Uranium expert, Greg Wongham (dec.), Bobby Harmon (dec.), Witham, Amelia Gora, et. als..
*  OHA/Office of Hawaiian Affairs developed by the entity State which evolved from the Territory of Hawaii - a proclaimed entity of U.S. President McKinley who had the Army, Navy, and Federal personnel develop the Republic of Hawaii to be the Territory which was claimed to be the "successor of the Kingdom of Hawaii" in 1912 - documented Identity theft.
Reference:  PA PELEKANE case, HAWAIIAN REPORTS, Supreme Court Law Library (1912).
The United States of America became a two nation government in 1899 - It was called the United States and the American Empire -  see PEACOCK vs. Republic of Hawaii, HAWAIIAN REPORTS (1899)
Can we have a response within 100 Days of U.S. President Trump's time in office affecting the Queen Liliuokalani, Bernice Pauahi Bishop Estates Trusts, etc.
Roy Nakamura
Calvin Hulihee

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Note:  The above is a follow up letter/article for this editorial letter printed on March 14, 2017..
"Trump can restore Kingdom of Hawaii
President Donald Trump, in his address to Congress, said the time for small thinking is over. 
Yes, the time for biggest thinking is now:
** Restore the Kingdom of Hawaii back for the forgotten peoples in Hawaii,
**End annexation and the 50th State of Hawaii.
**Return all federal occupied lands back to the Kingdom.
**Return all income tax paid by residents since annexation, and all federal tax dollars taken from Hawaii.
**Hold the federal government accountable to clean up Hawaii.
**Restore only Kingdom laws in Hawaii.
Calvin Hulihee  - Aiea
Roy Nakamura - McCully-Moiliili"
Reference:  HONOLULU STAR ADVERTISER >>Tuesday  3/14/17, page A6 "Views and Voices"


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