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SITTING DUCKS ARE WE? So, What Did We Ever Do to the U.S. for them to think they can Contaminate, Poison OUR Paradise?


 from John Kaminski:
> Merry Christmas, Hawaii – and Bombs Away!
> By Cathy Garger
> Nov 27, 2007, 17:47
> It’s the end of the world as we know it. The US Military has
> officially run out of foreign lands to bomb. Apparently out of
> desperation to find a place to publicly ejaculate their huge, heavy
> loads, the US Air Force has chosen the Big Island of Hawaii as its
> bulls-eye target.
> Unfortunately for Hawaiian paradise, however, this time it’s going to

> take far more than a super size box of Kleenex to tidy up this
> particular wad containing Uncle Sam’s latest hot, dirty, and
> unquestionably most slimy mess.
> According to a recent Associated Press article, “B-2 Stealth Bombers
> Hit US Targets”, the United States government is using both Hawaii

> Alaska to expand its war games and better train pilots to unload
> mega-size Uranium bombs on – shhhh – unsuspecting North Koreans.
> Meanwhile, Uncle Sam, convincingly playing the part of one mighty
> sick, twisted Santa, is apparently reneging on his promise to make
> nice and remove North Korea from his Naughty [State Sponsors of
> Terrorism] List.
> How considerate of Uncle Sam to give such a generous warning, months
> in advance, of his impending blitzkrieg on one more unsuspecting
> nation! But, for some strange reason, the citizens of Hawaii received

> no such courtesy prior to being “cursed” with monthly bloody
> not even the benefit of predictability enjoyed by women visited every

> month by their “Auntie Flo.”
> What harm would it do, if you really think about it, for the US
> government to run a small ad in Hawaii’s federal mouthpiece, The
> Honolulu Advertiser, in which they could announce for Hawaiians the
> dates during which they should attempt to locate suitable bomb
> shelters on “that” day of the month? Well, at least it would be a
> mighty thoughtful touch!
> One seriously wonders what horrible things Hawaiians have done to
> become such bad little boys and girls that their very own
> authoritarian Uncle Sammy – who they have, after all, permitted for
> over one hundred years to play soldier upon their land and in their
> sea - would sadistically “repay” them for their warm Aloha-spirit
> hospitality by dropping bombs from stealth Air Force B-2 bombers on
> them… ‘round Christmastime, no less!
> No matter what the offense, no matter how bad Hawaiians have been to
> merit domestic air raids by their own, one certainly suspects that
> dumping many thousands of pounds of coal atop the Hawaiian Isle would

> be a far more suitable punishment (not to mention an infinitely
> eco-friendly gesture) than being forced into being sitting ducks for
> bombing practice from the heavens above!
> But times they certainly are a ‘changing! Why, once upon a time in an

> era many US War Presidents ago, it used to be that attacks on Hawaii
> were staged by other nations – Japan, for example. Now, in this
> modern post-9/11 age, any nation is fair game for attack … even when
> the people on the island you’re bombing happen to wave the very same
> red, white, and blue flag as the other forty nine states!
> No, this is no parody you’re reading. This news is so priceless I
> could not make this stuff up! The United States Air Force has
> started bombing its own country, in order to conduct what they claim
> is necessary bombing practice for North Korea – or whoever’s up for
> the next US “hit!”
> Courtesy of the AP article, released as a gift to America on
> Thanksgiving Day (when we were too busy wolfing down turkey and
> stuffing to notice or even care), we now learn, quite after the fact,

> that US B-2 “Spirit” Stealth Bombers have started routinely bombing
> the US state of Hawaii.
> According to the US Air Force website, the domestic bombing began
> year on October 23. Reportedly, the first Bombs Away event, being
> called Hawaii’s “October Surprise,” was part of an exercise called
> “Koa Lightning,” in which B-2s flew from Guam to Hawaii, dropping
> bombs on the Big Island’s Pohakuloa Training Area.
> At least one dozen of these mega-bombs were dropped the first month,
> at $1.2 million US Dollars a pop. Called “inert” and “dummy” because
> they reportedly do not explode, the Air Force tells us, as if from an

> ad for homemade jam, bombings are conducted, “the old fashioned way
> too. No laser designating the target and no joint direct attack
> munitions with global positioning system guidance. It was just the
> aviators, their instruments, a deadly airframe and some Airmen on the

> mock battlefield calling in the coordinates.”
> As these are not your Air Force standard, computer-guided, “built in,

> state of the art targeting system” drops, the aviators and their uh,
> instruments, work on a “deadly timeframe,” relying on nothing but
> gravity … and the capricious whim of Mother Nature’s tropical winds.
> So don those hard hats and heads up, Hawaii, ‘cause where those
> “old-fashioned ‘dumb bombs’ without precision guidance” land next is
> anybody’s guess! And a 2,000 lb. bomb – make that a 2,000 lb.
> anything… released from a point higher than the mountaintops that
> even a wee bit off course is definitely going to cause some poor
> Hawaiian one mighty colossal headache!
> According to the AP article, the Air Force has “only started dropping

> inert bombs on the Big Island's Pohakuloa Training Area [PTA] last
> month.” One can not help wondering if this bombing that “only”
> last month is not possibly payback for the work of outspoken
> who recently opposed the permanent stationing of the 2/25th Stryker
> Brigade Combat Team at PTA? Coincidentally [or maybe not?] Pohakuloa
> is the same live-fire test training area where mega-bombs are now
> getting dropped out of B-2 jets onto grounds where Depleted Uranium
> was discovered in August.
> With regard to the “Koa Lightning” bombing of Hawaii exercises, one
> the B-2 pilots, Major Tim Hale, stated, “This particular mission
> covers the full spectrum of what we can do.” With a nation so
> desperate to practice dropping bombs that it chooses as its Ground
> Zero the sacred, culturally rich, pristine paradise of Hawaii, there
> is no question that the full spectrum of what we can do has indeed
> been achieved … at the very lowest, bottom-of-the-barrel end of the
> spectrum, that is.
> With the bombing of Hawaii a jolly old ho (ho, ho) hum affair, not
> just the United States but the international community, too, now gets

> to witness the utter depths of just how low the United States will go

> in order to wage its aggressive wars. For to depraved Uncle Sam in
> role of Santa-Gone-Bad this holiday season, not even Hawaii –
> considered by many to be the world’s favorite tropical vacation spot

> is sacred.
> On its own website, the US Air Force reminds us that the capability
> the B-2 bombers (apparently considered the pinnacle of Air Force
> prowess) must not be underestimated. "Strategic bombers in and of
> themselves are huge force multipliers," according to Tech. Sgt.
> Richard Setlock, a JTAC from the 25th Air Support Operations
> Furthermore, according to Sgt. Setlock, "Fighter attack aircraft can
> stay on station for 45-minutes and provide six to eight bombs. We can

> have a bomber overhead for two to four hours and provide four times
> the firepower that a fighter attack aircraft could."
> The military’s orgiastic thrills and chills of “force multiplier”
> capabilities aside, one wonders how the local Hawaiian school
> are coping? What must it be like for these precious young ones,
> learning their A, B, C’s, numbers, and colors, too, with not merely
> jets overhead, but stealth bombers that provide four times the
> firepower of fighter attack aircraft?
> Distant memories of 1960s bomb drills hiding underneath kindergarten
> desks suddenly come to mind. One wonders how Hawaiian teachers go
> about explaining to tiny tots that the bombs, each weighing about as
> much as four classroom pianos... are being dropped by their own
> country, that is [gulp] by the “good guys”.
> In correspondence with Bob Nichols, Project Censored Award winner and

> weapons expert of The San Francisco Bay View, Nichols wrote of the
> bombs,, "It is just a matter of time till the 376,000 lb heavy
> hit a school playground or someone's house with the equivalent of a
> small car at 160 mph and kill no telling how many people. Just chalk
> it up to the annual required human sacrifice to keep the big Military

> payroll in Hawaii. The city fathers made a bad deal with the devil
> for a few dollars more."
> The devil may have made them do it, but do the local officials even
> know? According to Mayor of the County of Hawaii, Harry Kim, this is
> apparently not the case. "I was not aware that they were dropping
> bombs up there."
> Mayor Kim also added that the public has a right to know about what’s

> going on – and when Hawaiians can expect the 2,000 pound drops
> them from up above. "They really need to be proactive about informing

> us so we can inform the public," he said. "The public needs to know
> when these types of exercises are going on, especially those who
> Saddle Road."
> Yes, there’s no doubt about it. These bombs are a threat to Hawaii,
> and when even the local government’s top official is not made aware
> the mortal danger his citizens face on a regular basis, one suspects
> that Uncle Sam does a mighty lousy job as Federal Duck-and-Cover
> Communicator for the oblivious residing in Pacific paradise.
> As explained by the Air Force on its website, “The global reach and
> long loiter time over a target is a unique capability of America's
> bomber force. This makes the B-2 especially lethal to America's
> enemies.”
> Furthermore, as Col. Damian McCarthy, 36th Operations Group
> elaborates, "Having the ability to stay over a target for extended
> periods, especially in a stealth airframe, gives the combatant
> commander the option to strike the bad guys at a time and place of
> their choosing."
> What none of these military load-dropping, macho-types explain,
> however, is just whose bright idea it was to use the Big Island of
> Hawaii for their bombing target practice fun. The island of Hawaii
> after all, a place where 160,000 citizens live and work, and 1.5
> million tourists from around the globe come each year to sun, fun,
> play.
> Can someone please tell me exactly when did the gentle, peace-loving
> people from the Aloha state get placed on the list as America’s
> declared “enemies” and “bad guys” in order to merit humongous, lethal

> bomb drops by B2 stealth bombers?
> One can understand why Hawaiians are a tad more than concerned about
> the very real possibility of stray, off-course bombs being dropped on

> their heads. What is even more disturbing, however, is the fact that
> these bombs – weighing roughly the same as a Honda CRX model car -
> being dropped from altitudes 18,000 feet above the mountains … onto
> grounds contaminated with deadly toxic and radioactive Depleted
> Uranium from years of live-fire training.
> Can you just imagine how 2,000 pounds of concentrated dead weight,
> dropped from the skies, will rustle up and render airborne the
> Depleted Uranium in the soils on the Pohakuloa Training Area? And
> how safe can this be, in terms of air quality, with lethal Depleted
> Uranium being re-suspended in the air by these bomb drops …
> particularly for those living in nearby towns?
> According to the Army’s 2000 health fact sheet on Depleted Uranium,
> “DU can also be inhaled when DU particles in the environment are
> resuspended into the atmosphere by wind or other disturbances.” Is
> there any question in anyone’s mind that such a heavy bomb, dropped
> from the heavens and landing in radioactive soils, creates one hell
> a “disturbance?”
> Jim Albertini, of the Malu ‘Aina Center for Non-Violent Education &
> Action says of the bombings, “This, along with other training at PTA,

> is an outrage given the presence of Depleted Uranium (DU) confirmed
> PTA. The full extent of the contamination is not yet known but the
> military is taking action that risks spreading the stuff around. It
> shows the complete disregard for the health and safety of Hawaii
> residents and the military people who train on the ground there.”
> Wouldn’t it make sense to remediate the contaminated soils at
> Pohakuloa, as is required by Army Regulation 700-48 before even
> thinking about dropping mega-bombs there? Is the Army in such a hurry

> to “practice” bombing the hell out of North Korea that it simply
> cannot wait another few months till it cleans up the mess it created
> in Hawaii by playing around there with its nuke weapons (and
> God-only-knows-what-other Uranium munitions)?
> Has this grand US imperial Empire, in its zealous myopic dream of
> waging wars at any cost, decided to totally waste the once pristine,
> lush, exotic Hawaiian island - and its very own citizens to boot?
> anyone know precisely when our nation made the decision to condemn
> Hawaii for billions of years as a radioactive “national sacrifice
> zone,” the “payoff” being the ability to wage continuous wars against

> innocent civilians … in both Hawaii as well as in far-off lands?
> Perhaps in lieu of being greeted in the future with flowered leis,
> future visitors to Hawaii’s airport should, by all rights, be
> appropriately welcomed with Army-issued gas masks and radioactive
> gear suits instead. While the Hawaiian tourist industry admittedly
> tank once photos get out depicting the rather, um, encumbered manner
> in which Hawaiian tourists will now be outfitted, on the plus side,
> troops would then be able to invade, occupy, and take as their own
> private playground vacant Hawaiian hotels and resorts where tourists
> and vacationers, fearing radioactive contamination, will no longer
> venture.
> So say goodbye, all ye citizens of the world, to the former tropical
> paradise of the Aloha state! Please know you have been forewarned and

> travel to Hawaii now at your own risk.
> Vacation now on the Big Island and prepare to be greeted with the US
> military’s own uniquely gracious brand of hospitality … the invisible

> “gift” of inhaled Uranium aerosol blowing in the warm tropical winds,

> bestowed upon unsuspecting residents and tourists alike, for all
> eternity.
> To learn more and find out what you can do to help keep Hawaii safe
> from domestic bombing and further radioactive contamination, visit
> folks at Protect Hawaii and say Aloha to them for me.
> Cathy Garger is a freelance writer, public speaker, activist, and a
> certified personal coach who specializes in Uranium weapons. Living
> the shadow of the national District of Crime, Cathy is constantly
> nauseated by the stench emanating from the nation's capital during
> Washington, DC, federal work week. Cathy may be contacted at
> .
> © Copyright 2007 by
> This material is available for republication as long as reprints
> include verbatim copy of the article its entirety, respecting its
> integrity. Reprints must cite the author and Axis of Logic as the
> original source including a "live link" to the article. Thank you

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Jim Albertini has been an activist for a long time, and held signs with his group years ago near the overpass going to Mililani................nuclear bunkers were below.............he maintained.....

a Mililani kid (about high school age) was killed for venturing too far..........and his death reasons were hushed up/made insignficant years ago..............

Jim Albertini claimed he was with the Catholic Church at the time................then Greenpeace activities included his getting imprisoned in the Federal prison for jumping in front of a nuclear missile, etc.........

.......according to Leuren Moret...........Kahoolawe was blasted with more than 500 tons of was a NUCLEAR BOMB that was set off..............

The controlled burn would be an ongoing willful and illegal move, disregarding everyone in the Hawaiian Islands............which is why all DU/depleted uranium, military weaponry, any bombs, missiles, etc. is simply not O.K. and must stop.............

It is unacceptable that the U.S. use any kind of firearm, bombs, missiles, weaponry in our Hawaiian Islands...................they have to get the f*#k out of here and all the other nations as well............everyone around the world are slowly finding out about the truth of what happened to our little friendly, neutral, non-violent nation, and serve a notice to vacate as well.

The 1846 Hawaiian Kingdom laws in place by Kauikeaouli/Kamehameha III shows proof that the U.S., foreigners DO NOT OWN LANDS IN the Hawaiian Islands. (period!).



Watching KHON morning news just now, there's a "Legacy Of Honor" event today at Ft. DeRussey to honor the army, Ron Mizutani just said that Hawai`i has such a good relationship with the army and we really appreciate their presence here to keep us safe...AGAIN I say, if the US military was NOT here the Japanese would NEVER have bombed Pearl Harbor! There are so many nations who hate America, but none hate Hawai`i!! The military here (20% of the land area!) is what makes us a target!!

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Island of O‘ahu Targeted for Nuclear Strikes

The United States prolonged and illegal occupation of the Hawaiian Islands is a direct violation of Hawai‘i’s neutrality. Article 1 of the 1907 Hague Convention, V, provides “The territory of neutral Powers is inviolable,” and Article 2 provides “Belligerents are forbidden to move troops or convoys of either munitions of war or supplies across the territory of a neutral Power.” The United States’ violation of these Articles have placed the residents of the Hawaiian Islands into harms way when Japan attacked U.S. military installations on O‘ahu on December 7, 1941, and continue to place Hawai‘i’s residents in harms way in the event of a nuclear attack.

According to the U.S. Department of Defense’s Base Structure Report for 2012, the U.S. military has 118 military sites that span 230,929 acres of the Hawaiian Islands, which is 20% of the total acreage of Hawaiian territory. As the headquarters for the U.S. Pacific Command, being the largest unified command in the world, the Hawaiian Islands is targeted for nuclear strikes by Russia and China. At present the concern is North Korea, as well as any adversary of the United States.

In 1990, the United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) published Risks and Hazards: A State by State Guide. One of the subjects included nuclear targets and identified 6 nuclear targets on the island of O‘ahu that coincided with the locations of military posts of the U.S. Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. Also included as a target is the Headquarters of the U.S. Pacific Command at Camp Smith that lies in the back of a residential area in Halawa. According to FEMA, the entire Island of O‘ahu would be obliterated if a nuclear attack were to take place.


Americanization has desensitized Hawai‘i’s population and has made the presence of the U.S. military in the islands normal. Americanization has also erased the memory of the U.S. invasion in 1893 and portrayed the military presence as protecting the islands from an aggressor country intent on invasion, when in fact the Hawaiian Islands were seized in 1898 to serve as a defense to protect the United States west coast from invasion.

NewlandsAfter the defeat of the Spanish Pacific Squadron in the Philippines, U.S. Congressman Francis Newlands (D-Nevada), submitted House Resolution 259 annexing the Hawaiian Islands (also known as the Newlands Resolution), to the House Committee on Foreign Affairs on May 4, 1898.

Six days later, hearings were held on the Newlands Resolution, and U.S. Naval Captain Alfred Mahan’s testimony explained the military significance of the Hawaiian Islands to the United States:

“It is obvious that if we do not hold the islands ourselves we Mahancannot expect the neutrals in the war to prevent the other belligerent from occupying them; nor can the inhabitants themselves prevent such occupation. The commercial value is not great enough to provoke neutral interposition. In short, in war we should need a larger Navy to defend the Pacific coast, because we should have not only to defend our own coast, but to prevent, by naval force, an enemy from occupying the islands; whereas, if we preoccupied them, fortifications could preserve them to us. In my opinion it is not practicable for any trans-Pacific country to invade our Pacific coast without occupying Hawai‘i as a base.”

The Hawaiian Islands was and continues to be the outpost to protect the United States and their presence in the Hawaiian Islands is in violation of international law and the laws of occupation.


  • Tane Inciong I knew that all my cognizant life. In grade school we had to do nuclear bomb drills. They were stupid for educated adults. One drill was how you had to position your body under your desk; the other one was going out to the school yard and where to lay down, which we did on our stomachs and arms covering our heads. They told us if it was the real bomb, we would be given white sheets to cover ourselves with as we lay there. White sheets??? Some of us couldn't hold back our laughter; but the nuns were serious; yep! Catholic grade school. It seems the white sheets would protect us from the flash of the bomb which it would deflect. the flash. I was close to hysteria. Evidently they didn't see the films of the various bomb testings and the films of Nagoya and Nagasaki as I did. My dad worked for USARHAW so, we did get to see films and photos; besides the newsreels showed them. I knew the military had weapon silos scattered around the island; as an adult I found out they were nuclear weapons. Just one bomb at Pearl Harbor, one in Scholield, Kaneohe, Halemano, and Mt. Kaala, should wipe out the whole island; no use hiding; you wouldn't want to survive it would be a slow excruciating death.
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  • Robert Freitas Jr. After representatives of the Department of Naval Intelligence had burned down my family's home at Keahole Point on December 17, 1941 and my great grandfather had built a replacement home in O'oma mauka (Kalaoa) he had the bulldozer dig a huge hole next to the home because the United States had instilled so much fear in everyone that my grandfather was ready to build his own bunker. The problem is as Manu Kaiama had stated in her testimony before the OHA Trustees: "These countries (Russia, China, North Korea) don't hate Hawaii. They hate AMERICA"!!! As the United States had stated following the Civil War: "From henceforth all wars shall be fought on someone else s soil" being a clear indication why the United States is always fighting wars on other countries soil destroying their lands, resources and killing innocent civilians in the process. Oh and let us not forget the millions and millions of dollars in profit they are making off of these unnecessary wars. America loves to claim that they are protecting Hawaii when in reality Hawaii is protecting America by turning Hawaii into their primary military base. AMAZING!!! Get rid of the United States, their military and their illegal occupying population and watch the enemies of the United States reprogram their missiles to follow them. Yankee Go Home!!!
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    Yes, the U.S. needs to LEAVE!

    Civil War Songs - Union - When Johnny comes marching home (Mi

Watching KHON morning news just now, there's a "Legacy Of Honor" event today at Ft. DeRussey to honor the army, Ron Mizutani just said that Hawai`i has such a good relationship with the army and we really appreciate their presence here to keep us safe...AGAIN I say, if the US military was NOT here the Japanese would NEVER have bombed Pearl Harbor! There are so many nations who hate America, but none hate Hawai`i!! The military here (20% of the land area!) is what makes us a target!!

  • Mary Alice Ka'iulani Milham Totally agree with you, Nancy. Americans, and certain vets, LOVE to tell how Hawaii would have been "taken" by Japan if not for the protection of the US Military when the facts are Hawaii WAS taken by the US military and Japan's attack was aimed at the US Military, not the Hawaiian people. Some kind of mental colonization going on with that "American protector" story line... Stockholm Syndrome at its finest.
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  • Jana Roselani Baricuatro Kahaleanu Because of the illegal u.s.a. military occupation, Hawai'i IS at high risk for nuclear strike attack, at any time, by any of u.s.a.'s many enemies. 
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  • Jana Roselani Baricuatro Kahaleanu Illegal occupier USA using Hawai'i as a military outpost, to train for war in illegally-occupied Hawai'i IS war crime, according to International Laws of Occupation. for more info.
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  • Tane Inciong As a kid, I understood the dynamics. So, do you think some of us kids of my time are clueless to what's going on or has been. Hawaiian kids during my time were raised to be quiet, observe, listen, question and answer at the appropriate time; to not be niele and maha'oi. This is why we were thought to be poor students by western standards and those teacher didn't know how to relate and teach us.
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  • Tane Inciong In 1854, The Hawaiian Kingdom signed in declaring its neutrality status with other nations. The US was one of the countries that recognized its status. By having its military based here, doing its exercises, housing its armory with weapons, and being a hostile belligerent in an unending war, the US is continuously and constantly violates the Hawaiian Kingdom's commitment to its neutrality, the laws and statue. Combine this with its unlawful US belligerent occupation which is another criminal issue. This is why the US wants us to surrender our nation and integrate as one of its Indian tribe as a domestic citizen of the US so all its crimes against us will disappear.
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  • Robert Freitas Jr. Like their dreams!!!
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  • Tane Inciong We don't need the US protecting us from any enemy; they're already doing to us what they say they're protecting us from. Devastation of our islands with live fire of weapons, DU, agent orange, chem-trails, nuclear accidents, invasive species, GMO experiments, toxic and hazardous gases, UH-US military experiments, etc. With "fiends" like this; who needs enemies? They've expressed numerous times that Hawaii is expendable. Any doubts or questions?
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  • Robert Freitas Jr. Common Sense.....1+1= 2......not eleven (11)!!! Everything that America says and does adds up to eleven being a clear indication of.....FRAUD, LIES & DECEPTION!!! Wake up people....their words and excuses don't add up!!! LIAR, LIAR......LIAR!!!
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