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Legal Notice No. 2017-0830 Genocide Activist Adam Jansen named for Destroying Private Properties of the Hawaiian Kingdom, etc. Genocide Activist, Police List, Obstructing Justice from Amelia Gora,

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U.S. President Donald Trump

Secretary of State

Governor Ige, et. als.

Honolulu Police Department

Sheriffs Department

Prosecutor's Office, et. als.

All Concerned Kanaka Maoli

               Re:  Legal Notice No. 2017-0830  Genocide Activist Adam Jansen named for Destroying Private Properties of the Hawaiian Kingdom, etc. Genocide Activist, Police List, Obstructing Justice from Amelia Gora, a Royal person, House of Nobles member, Acting Liaison of Foreign Affairs/Relations, Konohiki, interest holder of the lands in Downtown Honolulu, etc. including the Archives, Bureau of Conveyances, Iolani Palace, etc.


Please add Adam Jansen to the Genocide Activities List due to his removal, destroying documents, etc. from the Archives and claiming that all will be digitized because he "doesn't want paper".

The man has a questionable background and left a job on the mainland because of conflicts of interest in affecting his previous job and operating his own digital business at the same time.

This genocide activist has been destroying records of our Kingdom of Hawaii over time.

Agnes Conrad was another archivist who did the same.  This was reported to me by George Yamamoto (dec.) who said that she was destroying records.  George Yamamoto was my former father-in-law.

It appears that the intent is to destroy important information and obstructing justice.

I have requested for our Kingdom of Hawaii records a number of times, and have not received a response from Obama and your office.

Adam Jansen needs to be arrested, charged for obstruction of justice, or released immediately from his employment with the entity State of Hawaii which is a documented identity thief claiming to be the continuing Territory Government whose Attorney General claimed to be the "successor of the Kingdom of Hawaii".

Reference:  PA Pelekane case (1912), HAWAIIAN REPORTS, Archives/Main Library/Supreme Court Law Library, Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii.

Please list this genocide activist, likened to a theft moving to continuously destroy important records of our neutral, friendly, non-violent nation.

Prosecution for this man is expected.

I, Amelia Gora, am one of the active researchers and will continue to research there regularly until our records are returned to us.

I, Amelia Gora, am one of the land owners of the private properties of our Royal Families holding liens, and recognizing that the State, City, etc. failed to respond to our seven-day "most favored nations" notice and have been declared to be in default, documented trespassers, and now squatters.

The Archives building is on our Royal Families properties.

The State are legally documented squatters.

Adam Jansen is in violation of a number of laws and should be removed.

Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

Also note that others who follow Adam Jansen's directions are also in violation of a number of laws and they too must be removed.

Whistleblower's however will not be considered in violation of theft, genocide, obstruction of justice, etc.

This is Adam Jansen:

Digital Archives Update, April 3, 2013

An update on the status of the Hawaii State Digital Archives project. For the past six months, we have been hard at work designing the functional operation of the system and configuring the server and storage. We have brought on-board two systems developers, our consultant, and interns to help us build the system.

This update provides an overview of the proposed system operation, the transfer mechanisms being designed for state agencies, and the timetable for the next two years."  

Expecting a response to these important issues.


Amelia Gora


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What does the kanaka maoli say about this issue.....sadly, no response from our people....appears no one except some of us CARE! wtf?



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