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Isaac Harp is the Na Kanaka Ka Ko'o with many meanings for DU in Hawaii

hi Kaohi,

More info from the Nuclear people and Isaac:

Sexton, Kimberly
to Isaac, Emile, Katie, Everett, Congresswoman, Cindy, Hearing, Kent, OGCMailCenter, OCAAMAIL, Jim, Angela, me, Cory, Catherine, Brett, Barbara

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Dear Mr. Harp,

In response to your questions:

(1) No. Under the rules of 10 C.F.R. § 2.341(e), neither the filing nor the granting of a petition for review (i.e., an appeal such as yours) stays the effect of the decision or action of the presiding officer, unless the Commission orders otherwise. Therefore, the NRC staff will continue to review the Army’s application to possess depleted uranium at two sites in Hawaii—Schofield Barracks on Oahu and Pohakuloa Training Area on the Big Island of Hawaii—and make its decisions to grant or deny the license according to its normal procedures.

(2) No response necessary because the answer to question number one is no.

(3) Although no response is necessary to this because the answer to question number one is no, the Army is required to submit separate license applications for the facilities it has identified as falling into the category of facilities possessing licensable quantities of DU: Fort Benning, Georgia; Fort Carson, Colorado; Fort Campbell, Kentucky; Fort Hood, Texas; Fort Lewis, Washington; Fort Knox, Kentucky; and Fort Riley, Kansas.

I hope this has answered your questions,

Kimberly Sexton
Counsel for NRC Staff
Office of the General Counsel
Mail Stop O15-D21

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Washington, D.C. 20555

From: Isaac Harp []
Sent: Thursday, July 08, 2010 2:16 AM
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To: Julian, Emile; Tucker, Katie
Cc: Everett Ohta; Congresswoman Hirono; Representative, Cindy Evans; Docket, Hearing; Sexton, Kimberly; Kent Herring, LTC, JA; OGCMailCenter Resource; OCAAMAIL Resource; Jim Albertini; Angela Rosa; Amelia Gora; Cory Harden; Scott, Catherine; Klukan, Brett; Barbara Moore
Subject: Re: LB Memorandum and Order (Denying Requests for Hearing) (LBP-10-04) US Army Installation Command
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Aloha Emile,

Mahalo (Thank you) for trying to clarify the situation. I have a couple of other questions that you might be able to assist me with.

1) Am I correct in assuming that while my appeal remains under review by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission that the Army will not receive a Depleted Uranium Possession License for the Hawaii sites?

2) If the response to question number 1 above is YES, does this apply to all locations listed under the Army's application for an NRC Possession Only License, or does this apply to the Hawaii locations only?

3) If the response to question number 2 above is that it applies to Hawaii locations only, will the Army be required to submit a new application to the NRC for a Depleted Uranium Possession Only License for the non-Hawaii locations listed on their current application?

Mahalo Nui Loa! (Thank You Very Much!)

Isaac Harp

P.O. Box 437347

Kamuela, HI 96743

Phone (808) 345-6085



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With many uncertainties as we face our adversaries we must always use our po'o as Uncle Sam Lono would say. There are times our ego struggle to set aside our differences, therefore, we must step to the side. In this instances, I am to the side.

It has taken Isaac this long to realize the siuation which is good. Now that we have clarified answers to questions that should have been noted from the onset: Oahu cannot be separated from Big Island, plaintiffs are one not separate, and most importantly, the fact that the Army is applying for a License to use and posses depleted uranium. The problem I have with Isaac is the slow to understanding of the fact that they have every intentions of using depleted uranium in their live fire exercises on both Schofield and Makua (Oahu). The second to slow understanding is that in order for the military to use their live fire, transport soliders, and transport vehicles with DU they need to use Farrington Highway. But, the NRC rules does not support that unless Waianae belongs to the military. Thus, ignorance on many fronts.

As Isaac is asking questions and doing a good job for clarification, I must not take eyes off the other end from a 'stepping to the side' posture.

My concern is the use of NRC 'enforcement' at gun point to our heads..this was clearly established on the Jan. 13, 2010 by the NRC and sanctioned by the AEC. Now recently the compromise on the Akaka Bill between Walter Heen and the Governor Dingle Lingle.

Personal stuff:

That night (jan 2010) sitting in Jim Albertini's kitchen before we went to bed-- I asked Pono for quality time when we get back to Oahu--so that I could continue to educate the military's application for a License to use and posses Depleted Uranium in Hawaii on and off shore in their military exercise. A devastation to all people in Hawaii. He has since given me that attention.

In general, Oahu'ians have clearly been pretty nasty on the issue of Depleted Uranium for many reasons: Paycheck, ego, pilau, fame, scholarships, law school professorships, groupy drama, etc.....

I will continue to post as much information as possible... Much aloha for your attentiveness on this grave issue.
You have my permission to do what I would do as a plaintiff since your were there during the conference call. Did I not introduce everybody, if not, it's because Lucy did not want to be acknowledge as being there. So, forgive me for not making this an official record of your presence, Alice Grreenwood, Jack and David.

As a Ka Ko'o on Maoliworld long before I even came on, the subject was being discussed by you and your friends befor the Maoliworld audience. My humble apologies.
Amelia wrote:

I read this posting and have cut out a part of it. Thank you for closing out the discussion, each time I post I am concern that the Navy veteran will muck it up to choke out the communication and wreak confusion. I just wish that more Na Kanaka would engage and read to draw their own conclusion. I don't care if they disagree, but disagree on the issue.

My second concern is making mistakes and not noticing it at the time to correct. Although I want to correct the mistake(s), I'm still learning how to navigate through Maoliworld. As you might have noticed, I am posting my own forum, it took awhile to learn how to do this. I did it out of neccessity:

Amelia said....


The Pirates in place are not the Hawaiian Kingdom. The Pirates maintain Trusts that they do not have ownership to. The Kuhio and Kawananakoa's are Kanaka Maoli Pirates who support the haole/foreigners/Americans through their criminal claims, lies, deceit, and supported by the U.S. Many issues remain. Ramifications are ongoing.

The Akaka Bill moves to have an illegal, criminal, racketeering, Piracy(ies) once and for all and proclaim our neutral non-violent nation an indigenous bunch of ignorants who have nothing, own nothing, and are nothing.

Akaka along with the Americans, et. als. look to claim an already recognized nation as a bunch of Indians under their authority ignoring the facts our people remain innocent of all of the ills, criminal activities, wrongdoings, plundering on all for the want, the lust, the greed, intent to rape, kill, deceive, commit ongoing genocide, criminal activities by slowly killing our people through depleted uranium/DU and other toxins.

They are the Terrorists of all in our Hawaiian archipelago, and are belligerent occupiers with animosities towards our People of Color.

Oppose their activities in our Hawaiian Islands, for they do not belong and have been given several notices of eviction with the date of December 31, 2010.


The pieces posted on the forum about Prince Kuhio, assuming that you read it, I particularly did not like Pauline King version on Ai Kanaka. Her students that I have heard many times, reinterpret 'Ai Kanaka' a lot. I wonder do you have any reference to go by about 'Ai Kanaka'. I believe her opinion slants towards Prince Kuhio, which both parents-parents detested. All my life, I heard horrors towards DHHL. Even I have the same attitude, but I am more today kine. DHHL is a horrible place to raise children. Although I like the separation from non Hawaiians, I feel that as a child that way because I grew up on DHHL, I feel it hurts children especially when it comes to their future.

Much aloha

We must educate our Hawaii people on Plutonium and surface dumping in Waianae:

A relative of mine told me there is an article in the Sunday's paper July 11,2010, I didn't purchase the Sunday Paper, but here is a related story:

"Plutonium Cleanup in Washington State Could Take Millennia
Tuesday, July 13, 2010 It’s not out of the question that the United States might not be around long enough to see the complete cleanup of its Cold War legacy in Washington State.

Not far from the banks of the Columbia River resides the Hanford Nuclear Reservation, once the most important manufacturer of plutonium for America’s nuclear arsenal. Today, the 560-square-mile decommissioned facility is teeming with plutonium, one of the most toxic substances on earth (minute particles of it can cause cancer), with a half-life of 24,000 years.

The U.S. Department of Energy estimated back in the mid-1990s that Hanford had more than 111,000 kilograms of plutonium to dispose of. A former department official, Robert Alvarez, recently went over old Energy reports and determined that the original math was way off. It turns out that Hanford has three times more plutonium than was calculated in 1996.

The New York Times reported that the plutonium doesn’t “pose a major radiation hazard now, largely because it is under ‘institutional controls’ like guards, weapons and gates.” But the highly radioactive material “is certain to last longer than the controls,” meaning the systems put in place by the U.S. government could be long gone by the time the plutonium reaches a safe level for the surrounding area.
-Noel Brinkerhoff

Analysis Triples U.S. Plutonium Waste Figures (by Matthew Wald, New York Times)

We have NO Controls in Hawaii, that I know of, do you or anyone knows?
Aloha Amelia,
Squeezing blood from a turnip is more like it, however, it's all part of the process. Will continue to slam on this site all that I have about DU. The covernant signage at Fort DeRussy on Liliu's land gave lots of power to the civic clubbers and their holoku ballroom gowns a swishy hem'ing into military deep pockets of 500 billion.

Just watching the second wave out here in Waianae of environmentalist sewing up the welfare trough feeders with the military. It's an additional attachment to 500 billion from welfare budget.

Both budgets can purcahse a lot of holoku's for social events to self-grandize each other in their celebration of selling our ancestors and their lands down and into the abyss.

Have been glimpsing quickly repeatedly through your postings.

Thanks for being there, whever there is. I like that last music posting awesome singing not familiar with this group.
I've been listening to three dog night Hard and One. Much aloha
i'm down at guardrails and david Ma is with me, so far I pray we only had one suicide by hanging. I'm going back down as soon as we are done eating.

No need read all the posting, cause stay all messed up with pilau and an whole group of people that only stay on one side.

Andrew turned out to be fantastic which I was counting on just had to get on the same level to crisscross. I'm guess I am a bit shaken cause I can harly type. Which is good beause I thought I had no feelings over the hanging, I guess I'm okay!!!

Thanks for being there
aloha Amelia,

Spent the better part of the early evening listening to Camille on the Water rights issue. I was happy to be sitting under the trees at Iolani Palace just listening to young people discuss 'Hawaiian Usage' and Hawaii's Common law which both goes arm in arm since 1892.

As for the DU issue, once the particles are set in motion in our air systems, the air waves scurry. On fortunately the nano Du particles flows towards our childrens playgrounds that dots our landscape. How doe this occur one might ask ? It ends up into our waterways and that flows from mountain to sea.

Sure they are concern to what extent?

Document Reveals Military Was Concerned About Gulf War Vets' Exposure to Depleted Uranium
Wednesday 28 July 2010

by: Mike Ludwig, t r u t h o u t | Report

(Photo: John Out and About / Flickr)
For years, the government has denied that depleted uranium (DU), a radioactive toxic waste left over from nuclear fission and added to munitions used in the Persian Gulf and Iraq wars, poisoned Iraqi civilians and veterans.
But a little-known 1993 Defense Department document written by then-Brigadier Gen. Eric Shinseki, now the secretary for the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), shows that the Pentagon was concerned about DU contamination and the agency had ordered medical testing on all personnel that were exposed to the toxic substance.
Shinseki's memo, under the subject line, "Review of Draft to Congress - Health and Environmental Consequences of Depleted Uranium in the U.S. Army -- Action Memorandum," makes some small revisions to the details of these three orders from the DoD:
1. Provide adequate training for personnel who may come in contact with DU contaminated equipment.

2. Complete medical testing of all personnel exposed to DU in the Persian Gulf War.

3. Develop a plan for DU contaminated equipment recovery during future operations.

The VA, however, never conducted the medical tests, which may have deprived hundreds of thousands of veterans from receiving medical care to treat cancer and other diseases that result from exposure to DU.
The Armed Forces Health Surveillance Center recently reported that ten years of data confirm that service members tend to have higher rates of certain cancers compared to civilians, according to the Army Times. While researchers suspected that service members are diagnosed with cancer more often and at a younger age because they have guaranteed access to health care and mandatory exams, the data does not explain the disparities in diagnosis among branches of the military. For example, the rate of lung cancer among sailors is twice that of other branches, while Marines have much lower cancer rates across the board.
On Tuesday, the VA's ongoing failure to treat and diagnose Gulf War related illnesses came up during a House Veterans Affairs subcommittee hearing where a veterans advocacy group urged Shinseki to undertake comprehensive research on the correlation between chronic illness and exposure to DU in munitions during the Gulf War.
Armed with Shinseki's August 19, 1993 memo, Veterans for Common Sense (VCS), said the VA, and Shinseki in particular, have "a rare opportunity for a second chance."
"In military terms, VCS asks VA for a ceasefire," said Paul Sullivan, the executive director for VCS. "VCS urges VA leadership to stop and listen to our veterans before time runs out, as VA is killing veterans slowly with bureaucratic delays and mismanaged research that prevent us from receiving treatments or benefits in a timely manner."
Sullivan, himself a Gulf War veteran, told the subcommittee that the VA has refused to listen to scientists and veterans who are concerned about DU, leaving thousands of veterans suffering from chronic illnesses related to the conflict unsure if they will ever receive a solid diagnosis to justify the benefits and treatment they need.
Of the 697,000 men and woman who served in Gulf War operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield between 1990 and 1991, about 250,000 suffer from symptoms collectively known as "Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses." The symptoms include fatigue, weakness, gastrointestinal problems, cognitive dysfunction, sleep disturbances, persistent headaches, skin rashes, respiratory conditions and mood changes, according to the VA.
The VCS also petitioned Shinseki to investigate the 2009 termination of a $75 million research project on Gulf War illnesses at the University of Texas medical center. Last year the VCS filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for records of the "internal sabotage" of Gulf War Veterans Illnesses research and the intentional delaying of research and treatment, according to Sullivan. The VA has yet to release any documents about the impeded research, and VCS filed a FOIA appeal on June 29.
Sullivan said the VCS simply wants the government to support independent testing on veterans exposed to DU, but the Department of Defense prefers a "don't look, don't find policy."
"As a Gulf War veteran, I have watched too many of my friends die without answers, without treatment, and without benefits," Sullivan said. "In a few cases, veterans completed suicide due to Gulf War illness and the frustration of dealing with VA."
Sullivan testified as disturbing reports have emerged in recent months from Fallujah, Iraq, about the skyrocketing rates of birth defects and cancer, which are being blamed on DU-laced bombs and munitions used by US and British forces during a brutal coalition assault on the city in 2004. Iraqi human rights officials are reportedly planning to file a lawsuit.
Don’t miss a beat - get Truthout Daily Email Updates. Click here to sign up for free.
DU is a dense metal added to munitions and bombs to pierce tanks and armor, and the military seems to chose unrestricted use of the radioactive substance over its soldiers' safety. Sullivan told Truthout that original medical tests ordered in a 1993 memo, which also called for personnel to be trained in dealing with contaminated equipment, were canceled after a training video scared soldiers.
"It was pulled after [the training video] was seen by some soldiers who became upset when they saw soldiers in moon suits holding Geiger counters, and the military realized that the training could present a problem in the battlefield where soldiers need to disregard exposure issues while trying to kill the enemy," Sullivan said.
Sullivan said that the DU "follow-up" program the VA consistently references was inadequate as it consisted of sporadic studies on only a small fraction of estimated 400,000 veterans exposed to the radioactive heavy metal.
"The VA does not listen to expert scientists. The VA does not even listen to Congress," Sullivan said in his testimony. "Two decades of inaction have already passed. Gulf War veterans urgently want to avoid the four decades of endless suffering endured by our Vietnam War veterans exposed to Agent Orange."
Sullivan said it took 40 years and an act of Congress to fund and sanction independent studies that proved the VA was responsible for providing benefits to soldier suffering from Agent Orange-related diseases.
The VA now recognizes that exposure to Agent Orange, an herbicide sprayed across Vietnam to kill foliage and expose guerrilla fighters, has plagued veterans with several deadly diseases and disorders.
VCS also advocated for the research on post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) that became the foundation of new PTSD rules, making it easier for veterans to receive benefits.
Last week, the VA announced $2.8 million worth of research on Gulf War Veterans' Illnesses, a sum Sullivan called "paltry." A VA press release announcing the research does not mention DU. The release references a recent Institute of Medicine report that identified the quarter million veterans affected by various symptoms associated with Gulf War illness, which "cannot be ascribed to any psychiatric disorder and likely result from genetic and environmental factors, although the data are not strong enough to draw conclusions about specific causes."
Popular medical science holds that kidney damage is the primary health problem associated with exposure to high amounts of DU. The heavy metal is 60 percent as radioactive as natural uranium, and is also linked to lung cancer in some cases and leukemia in even fewer cases, according to the World Health Organization (WHO).
Some critics have claimed that the WHO and governments have suppressed links between DU and cancer.
The debate over the use of DU in conventional warfare will rage on as the Fallujah fallout continues, but according to Sullivan, there is only one way for thousands of Gulf War veterans at home to know the truth and receive the relief they deserve.
"After 20 years of waiting, we refuse to wait on more empty promises from VA. The first step is for Secretary Shinseki and Chief of Staff Gingrich to immediately clean house of VA bureaucrats who have so utterly and miserably failed our veterans for too long," said Sullivan, vowing to petition Congress if the VA refuses to respond. "Our waiting must end now."
It's sad that many sit on the fence as silent supporters and watch from the sidelines without being active. For some it's a threat to the jobs they hold; much like the situation after the U.S. invasion who set up their puppet government under belligerent occupation. Then we have the case of some that maintain a defeatist attitude and hopelessness that feel whatever they do, the U.S. and its citizens will just do as they please no matter what we say.

Sometimes we dominate the discussions that could deter others from participating. The problem is finding that happy medium that encourage others to participate. We, "old-timers", need to find ways to encourage others to give input without they feeling disenfranchised and shut-out. We need to work on outreach to have them participating with out feeling intimidated. Any ideas?

I really appreciate all who have been attempting to educate, encourage activism, and make people aware of the issues , especially those that directly affect us. I feel we need to attack issues separately to discus rather than mix them up in one discussion or forum which might distract from the main issue. Sometimes it can be overwhelming for the neophytes to join in who may find it intimidating.

For me, I have no problem dealing with the multi-layered issues that interweave; but those just entering this vibrant discussion or forum may be reluctant in responding and don't know how to break in or are too shy. How can we create an interest for them to respond and prod them to participate?

The Aliis of Hawaii Nei gathered into their waiting arms, one of their fairest members yesterday when Princess David Kawananakoa passed into the ever green valley of memories. Her final resting place will be the last crypt in the Royal Mausoleum; right next to her husband, Prince David Kawananakoa.
Born in Honolulu, January 1, 1882, the Princess was the daughter of the late James Campbell and Abigail Kaihelani Maipinepine of Lahaina, Maui. She was married to Prince David Kahalepouli Kawananakoa Piikoi, a prince of the Kalakaua dynasty and a descendent of an ancient Hawaiian family of chiefly and royal rank.
In Honolulu, Princess Kawananakoa, because interested in Hawaiian and civic affairs. She was Regent of the Hale O Na Alii O Hawaii, a fraternal organization of Hawaiian men and women; an honorary president of the Hawaiian Girls' Club; an honorary president of the Kaahumanu Society besides being an officer or member in many other fraternal, civic and religious associations. She was a member of the Hawaiian Homes Commission and strongly urged that those of Hawaiian blood take advantage of the opportunity of going back to the land.
The Princess lived for many years in a home on Pensacola street, surrounded with Hawaiian antiques which had been the possessions of King Kalakaua and Queen Kapiolani, priceless souvenirs of the days when royalty ruled the islands. She died in her other home on Judd Street.
During the lying-in-state for a period of three days, the casket was surrounded by kahilis and capes of her family, and members of various organizations of which she was a member, stood watch. During the last hour proceeding the services at 3 P.M. on Sunday, April 15, 1945, the watch was kept by officers of the Hale O Na Alii, clad in their white holokus and red and yellow capes. Giant kahilis guarded the four corners of the bier, two of white feathers at the head and two of black feathers at the foot. Three magnificient yellow and red feather capes draped the casket.
The funeral procession proceeded from the home to the Nuuanu Mausoleum led by the Royal Hawaiian band cadets from the Kamehameha School. As the orchid and lei strewn casket was lowered into the crypt, the band played softly our own Hawaii Ponoi and Aloha Oe, while members of various Hawaiian societies stood at attention.
And so as the rain gods of Nuuanu shed a passing tear, Hawaii laid to rest one of its fairest and best loved princesses.

Taken from a pamphlet Hale O Na Alii ...Halau O Wahiikaahuula 1918-1958
I can still remember vividly how my Uncle John Kaniaupio came to our home and got after my dad for moving to Hawaiian Homestead. Our house was built on sand...ancient graves that is... . My uncle took me to my bedroom window and pointed out the Lauhala trees and he said that when the fruit of the tree turns yellow, that is when the limu breaks from the reef and I will be able to gather. My dad use to watch me from shore while I swim in and out of the limu patch in the water picking only the fresh limu.

It's ironic that when I was at guardrails--monkey pigs father walked up to me as I was sitting next to David filming with a bag of Lepoa--the smell was heavenly. I ate the whole thing and was a bit stingy in sharing. Can you believe it a bed of Lepoa at guardrails?

The second encounter was my grandfather Orlando Auld--he came to our house and was very up set with my parents for moving to Waimanalo Homestead too. I can remember that day clearly for it was unusual for my grandpa to fuss over my mom.

Both my grandfather and uncle do not really know each other. Both sides of my family disliked Kuhio. So, my life was impacted and with out knowing the reasons why, I too grew to dislke DHHL with a passion. As a child growing up in Waimanalo, I've come to know very bad things. Sadly, I see the 'evil' everyday in Waianae, how dare Na Kanaka create a sick colony for US.

I do know at one point everyone has a choice, but because DHHL is so locked in with Kuhio's creepy deals and based on 'incest' too, I see no future. The Akaka Bill should be the last nail that seals the coffin on our culture and it's people.

I never knew why my uncle Randy Kalahiki wanted to form a state agency OHA--until recently. The Kuhio's were signing off on the dotted line and this practice continues on until today. When I recently spoke to Aunty Frenchy she sounded so sad. I know she tried everything to make it work. She gave everything she had to the Hawaiian Homesteaders and the general leases.

I have in my hand a copy of a June 3rd 1886..court of probate and signed by Henry Smith... to sell Lawai on Kauai and Hanaiakamalama in Nuuanu Valley after Queen Emma Kalelonalani was deceased by Alexander J. Cartwright. He was her Executor and Trustee. mmmmmm

How do we survive this catasrophe and still care for each other as a culture.
Aloha Amelia,

I got a call today to attend a neighborhood meeting tonight. The fire lanes in Makua was built from toxic DU fire range soil. The fire lane seems to have stopped the spread of the fire, however, the question to ask and will not be asked tonight is where did it start? It was a control burn that can be seen from a satelite infrared photo, however, I'm sure tonights meeting are to redirect the attention from the control burn.

As the fire lane was being built during Oct 2009 up to present--DU dust and other toxins blew and swept upward (where the fire is located) thus the reasoning for the burn. There is a mentality that fire destroys DU and other toxions which is not true, clearly unscientific. I should hear something to this tonight, there campagin of low level DU and other toxins as being harmless should twang the night.

So from the top visible to the Pentagon the fire lane worked in their control burn. Keep in mind nothing will be mentioned about the mauka to makai wind, if that is the case--a lie will be set in tonights meeting that soemone from the road started the fire and of course no evidence as to who. I suspect the fire started from mauka--point thus a control burn. Why? To ease the notion that the fire lane worked and the so-called toxins burned in the fire. Dirty lie.

Another aspect to this yadayada--toxins can reflect off/from a leaf. Interesting huh?

We'll see what transpires from this tonight. Waianae is expected to buy into the leis of lies, they are so aloha for a paychecks... and safe status.

Tony is a real DNA Auld, I am a stepchild. I grew up in an Auld (grandfather) and Mitchel (grandmother) house check the KUE petion page 308 and you will see why, I was raised with all the trappings of Liliu. Protest, no plebisite, a continuum of proper behavior aligned with protestant and anti nuclear in the Pacific. Birth in Kapahulu. Ugh!!!!


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