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If the Cavaliers kept their matchups simple and asked each player to guard their position counterpart, Love would start the game on Green and Irving would NBA Live Coins defend Curry. Cleveland head coach Tyronn Lue cannot allow that to happen. As of Game 5 against Toronto, opponents were scoring 1.09 points per play this postseason when targeting Irving and Love in pick-and-rolls, according toESPN's Zach Lowe.


Thatnumber that would have easily ranked last among duos that defended at least 250 pick-and-rolls during the regular season. Irving doesn't have the strength or savvy to navigate around screens and prevent Curry from launching uncontested jumpers, while Love isn't swift enough to leap out above the three-point line. By the end of the Western Conference Finals, Curry was roasting the


Thunder's limber big men every time they switched onto him on the perimeter. Imagine what he'll do if isolated against Love.At the same time, Love also struggles when dropping back into the paint. Opponents are shooting 65 percent at the rim against him this postseason, perNBA. This is why Warriors staffershinted to Lowe that a part of them would actually have preferred to play a healthy Cavaliers team during last year's Finals instead of the gritty, defense-oriented crew that


Cleveland put on the floor after both Irving and Love went NBA 2K18 MT Coins down.There are some solutions for the Cavaliers, though they aren't ideal. Unfortunately for them, Irving has to guard Curry because there's nowhere else for Cleveland to stick him. He cannot guard Klay Thompson and there isn't an obvious replacement to guard Curry either. Benching Irving for last year's Finals hero Matthew Dellavedova also takes Cleveland back to Square 1: the Cavaliers also need Irving on the floor for his ability to create shots and make

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