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Check this out from the NY Times re: Hawai'i !!!

Aloha Kakou,


The following is the introduction to a blog in today's (4.30.11) NY Times. While it may be sarcastic in nature, it also raises the very real possibility that those in opposition to President Obama may cause the Hawai'i issue, that is the question of whether Hawai'i is a fake State,  to be brought to light. Wouldn't that be something!!!



Can Hawaii really be considered a state? Does anybody really believe that a volcanic island chain — described in Wikipedia as “physiographically and ethnologically part of the Polynesian subregion of Oceania,” a place that does not observe daylight savings time — is the sort of thing the founding fathers had in mind? And what is it doing all the way out there anyway?

O.K., I made that up. But judging from the goings-on this week, it is not too far-fetched to think questions like these might be floating around the opinion-sphere in coming days. ...


The complete blog can be seen at


Aloha Ke Akua


J. D'Alba

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Dear J.D'Alba,

It's not that I mind that he is the President of the US.  In truth, I don't really care if he was born on the moon and is the President of US.  What I am upset about is that the Birth records for all citizens in Hawaii is pretty messed up.  It changes it's format to fit the latest politics, business rip off, and land stealing.  That is what I am most angry about.  If we switched from negatives to computer generated birth certificates because of the president's election--I too want the truth to come out and do hold the vital statistics and the people of Hawaii accountable for any vital stats errors/lie made to change the politics of the US country and their dealings in the Pacific!


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